bethankfulThanksgiving is coming just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for the holiday by decorating their houses with pumpkins, pilgrims, and cornucopias. Families and friends will be gathering together in just a few short weeks to dine with one another on turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies, and more delicious food.

In a society in which work and material possessions hold so much priority in our lives, it is vital to stop, look around you, and count the many blessings that you have. Too often we go on with our lives complaining about what we lack and envying what others have instead of remembering the many good fortunes in our lives, which come in the form of beloved people and pets, health, happiness, and more.

This year before the Thanksgiving festivities kick in and you get busy cooking, planning, and stressing out in general, why not take a little bit of time to show what you're really thankful by using our Take Your Pix Board Book photo album?

All you have to do is find some photos of what you are thankful for. This can include photos of your family and friends, pets and other favorite animals, things that you are grateful you own, or even favorite locations and musical artists. You can use old photos, take new photos, or find photos on the Internet of the people and things you're thankful for and print them out.

Next, order one of our Take Your Pix Board Book photo albums from our website in your favorite color! The album holds 20 4x6" photos and has a slightly smaller frame on the cover (4x5"), so you can find 21 photos of people and things you're thankful for to include in the album.

What about decorating the album? Feel free to embellish the album with all sorts of things including markers, stickers, scrapbooking material, and so much more! You can include captions below your photos, which can include descriptions of the people, places, or things in your photo are and why you're thankful for them. If you're an artistic soul, you can draw objects pertaining to your photo on the side or above the picture, too.

This can be a fun project for the whole family! You can make an album for yourself, or you can help your children make their own "What I'm Thankful For" albums with their own Take Your Pix Board Book albums. The albums are kid-friendly for all ages! They have thick, durable pages that can endure many degrees of "tough love," and their easy-to-turn pages allow children to turn pages much more simply than other photo albums!

After you are all done with your album, you can keep your album or albums out for the holiday for all to see! Display them on a mantle or end table, or come Thanksgiving, you can even bring them to the table before or after Thanksgiving dinner and show what you are thankful for and why. This could even be a fun activity for your entire family to partake in, and it can truly help make the holiday mean much more than turkey and an afternoon football game.

Are you ready to make your own "What I'm Thankful For" album? Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-506-9683 and get started right away! Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!