There have been a lot of great things going on here at Board Book Albums this summer!

First of all, we are delighted to say that we are a winner of the Pitney Bowes Small Business Makeover contest! It was an honor to be selected among many other small businesses!

Not only did people (and our fans!) vote for the company they wanted to win, but also judges reviewed each entry and selected the winners based on three things: the entrant’s dedication to his or her business and its growth, the overall need for improvement, and the passion and energy each entrant possessed for his or her small business. Thank you to Pitney Bowes and all the voters who helped make this possible!

You may check out the winners here!

Secondly, we have recently been featured on Fox 2 Detroit and ABC 27 Madison, WI on The Gift Insider’s “Back to School” segments. Featured was our product, the Take-Your-Pix® Board Book Photo Album.  As explained in the video, I created this photo album because I wanted to help teach my daughter new vocabulary words, as her speech therapist encouraged.  Because I couldn’t find a photo album suitable for a toddler’s small fingers, I invented a photo album – one that was sturdy, durable, and able to withstand “tough love.”  We’ve been selling them online since 2008 to parents, scrapbookers and gift-givers worldwide!

Our photo albums, which have also recently won Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Children’s Products Award and the Kidlutions Preferred Project Award, are a wonderful idea for children of all ages. They have thick cardboard pages with rounded corners and notches on the page edges, so that children may turn pages with ease. Don’t worry about photos getting damaged, either – the pictures fit inside the pages, protected by clear plastic coverings, so they will not get wet or get fingerprints all over them!

Although these photo albums were originally designed for young children, it certainly doesn’t mean that children are the only ones that enjoy them! These make fantastic gifts for older children, and adults, too. You can display college memories, wedding photos, family photos, and so much more in these cool new photo albums!

For more information on Board Book Albums, please “like” us on Facebook at or visit our website today.  Remember, our photo albums aren’t just for beating to dog days of summer and heading back-to-school, they also make excellent gifts year-round!

To view our recent video segments, please click below!