July 1, 2012 -- Phoenix, AZ., July 1, 2012 The Family Review Center has announced the winners of its Gold Award, which recognizes the top individuals and products within the Business community for family friendly products. Recipients will be honored in the Virtual Awards Showcase on Monday, July 2, 2012 at the Family Review Center website located at

The Gold Award is designated for those who have brought to the marketplace products with value, purpose, class and longevity. These are products that go beyond what is expected of them and rise above with clarity and stability, adding a wow factor to the experience.

Only one winner in each category was selected by a panel of judges. Winners were selected based on their own merit, and not in competition with another. The one receiving the highest score in the category was then selected as the Gold Award Winner.

Among the Gold Award Winners was Take Your Pix® board book photo albums []. Take Your Pix® albums are rugged, durable and beautiful photo albums designed especially for infants and toddlers. 10 double sided pages tuck photos safely away and the books are made of a durable cardboard pages that allow little ones to turn them to their delight without harming the book or the photos within. As one of the judges stated at the Award judging, “Finally the little guys can enjoy family memories too!” These albums are a true gem and come in many styles and colors to please everyone. They make a perfect addition to the family albums and also make a great gift.