You need to figure out who the characters should be. Is your story going to be all about pirates, or is it going to be about princesses? The possibilities are endless! However, you don’t have to pick a fantasy figure to be in your story. You could make your little one the star without changing a thing.

The next part takes a little creativity. You have to decide on a plot for your story. How is the super hero going to save the day? Who is going to save the princess that has been locked in the tower? Get the kids involved in this step. Their imagination will help you come up with a great storyline. Make sure to keep it simple and have a happy ending.

Role Play:
This step can be the most fun. Dig around in the attic and find costumes that fit your story. Spend some time dressing up and get everyone excited! Dressing up and pretend play is something all BoardBookAlbums_pretendplaykids love.  Make sure you have props if you need them. What kind of pirate story is complete without treasure? Just fill a shoe box with some favorite toys!

Lights, Camera, Action:
Now it’s time to snap the pictures that will fill the pages of your Board Book Album. Think back to all the children’s stories that you have read, and remember to use your imagination. A backyard jungle gym could be a castle, and the grass lawn could be an ocean! Kids are great at pretending, so this will not be difficult for them. Keep in mind that the Board Book Album holds 20 pictures inside the pages, plus one on the cover.

Once you have captured all your shots, print them and lay them out so you can see them. Then begin placing them in your Board Book Album in order. The next step is to write your story on the pages of the book. The one and a half inch border on the top and bottom of each page gives you plenty of room to share your adventure. Don’t forget to give your book a title!

Now you are ready to enjoy this one-of-a-kind book that you and your family will surely treasure forever!