It's now December and the chilly autumnal wind has been permeating the air, sending the masses to seek shelter in their jackets, scarves, and gloves. Even though Thanksgiving has just been celebrated and many people around the country are preparing for the wintertime merriment of Christmastime, decorating their homes in red and green, penguins, Santa Claus figurines, Christmas trees, and polar bears. In addition to the decorations and lights, many people have Christmas picture frames filled with photos of Christmases past out on display for all to see.

While displaying a simple Christmas frame or two is nice in its own right, possessing and exhibiting several favorite, framed Christmas memories can take up quite a bit of space in the home. Instead of cluttering your home, why not simply display a whole Christmas album for all to see?

The best part is you don't even have to go spend a ton of money on scrapbook materials and albums to make your Christmas album look good. You can simply order one of our Take Your Pix Board Book photo albums and make a scrapbook or photo album of your own, filled with your favorite Christmas memories!

All you need to do is gather the photos of some of your favorite Christmas memories or print off any digital pictures of your favorite Christmas memories from your computer, Facebook account, or digital camera! It's as simple as that! You can order your photos in a chronological order from when you were a child to your current age to show those who look at your photo album your life through your Christmas memories.

Next, you just need to put your photos in one of our Take Your Pix Board Book photo albums! Order an album in your favorite color, and place your photos within the album! Our albums contain 20 pages that hold 4x6" photos, and the cover holds a 4x5" photo, so you'll have room to showcase 21 separate photos! Be sure to include pictures of you with your family, friends, and, if you have any, children!

After all of your photos are collected and placed inside the photo album, you have the option of decorating your album! The pages are thick and sturdy, making them perfect to decorate with markers, highlighters, stickers, scrapbooking material, and so much more! You can provide captions underneath each photo of your Christmas memory, which provides who is in the picture, when and where it was taken, and any other pertinent information you can recall.

And no worries, this photo album is completely kid-friendly. The pages are easy to turn and even have notches in them to facilitate page-turning even more. Their fortitude is equivalent to that of a typical children's book - thick, durable, and able to take all sorts of tough love from children.

Be sure to display your Christmas memory album during the holiday season, especially on Christmas day! After the Yuletide merriment has calmed down a bit on Christmas day and Christmas dinner has been eaten together, it would be the perfect time to break out your album for friends and family alike to look at and discuss. Loved ones will look back on Christmases past with fondness and warmth, and many stories of the past are bound to spring up to be relived and relished once more.

And children, while they don't have many memories or experiences of Christmases past, shouldn't feel left out of the whole magical process. Kids can use our Take Your Pix Board Book photo albums to showcase what Christmas means to them! They can even make our photo albums into a rockin' wish list for Christmas shopping, providing captions that include where one can find the potential gifts, the descriptions of the gifts, and, potentially, the price. It's always easy to shop with a visual aid so we know what to look for!

Are you ready to get started on your memory book or ultra wish list? Then give us a call here at Board Book Albums at 1-800-506-9683 or visit us at our website at Let this be the most memorable and enjoyable Christmas season yet for you!