The year 2011 is already ending right before our eyes! It seems that as soon as we get used to writing out 2011 on our checks, assignments, memos, and other important documents, the year ends and we must get used to writing 2012 instead!

Now 2011 is leaving us for good, and all that we’ll have from the year are our memories. Luckily, we have several means of preserving memories from times past – photos, social media, articles, and so much more! And while you COULD leave your photos and mementos unattended or shove them in a box only to languish in a closet for several years, why not put your preserved memories to good use and make a scrapbook out of them?

Many people enjoy making scrapbooks of their personal years past, and you can definitely do that! This is the time to go through all the photos you took this year or the photos that friends of yours have taken throughout the year and pick out the ones you want to use in your photo album! You can include shots of your friends and loved ones during the year, holidays you celebrated, fun days and nights out spent together, fun times out and in, pets, and anything else you think belongs in your photo album! You can also include any movie tickets, concert tickets, symphony tickets, sporting events stubs, and other mementos from any events you participated in with loved ones and friends over the year!

Our Board Book Album, which is thick, durable, and kid-friendly, holds up to 20 4”x6” photos, and it also includes a 4”x5” opening on the front cover for a photo. The pages are also durable enough that you can decorate your album pretty much however you like – with stickers, markers, scrapbooking material; just about anything you can think of will work!

And who says you have to just make a personal album? There certainly isn’t some rule that dictates what you have to do with your Board Book Album! You could even make an album about 2011 in general, highlighting the most important events that occurred in the year. Check out this link to for some ideas!

If you choose to do a 2011-in-review scrapbook, you can save newspaper clippings you might have acquired or you can print out stories and photos from the Internet to showcase the most important events of the year. Of course, if you have a personal memento to add from one of the many big events that happened this year, you can include them in your scrapbook, too. Were you at one of the many Occupy protests? Were you involved with one of the several earthquakes and severe storms around the world? Did you help clean up Joplin, Missouri after the deadly tornado struck in May? Be sure to include photos and mementos (if you have any) from those events and others, too!

If you’re ready to get started on your 2011 scrapbook, then don’t delay! Give us a call at 1-800-506-9683 or visit our website at Have fun making your new scrapbook, and have a Happy New Year!